A little about me. 

I'm a results-oriented professional with over a decade of experience managing web development projects, creating user interfaces and managing digital communications. My expertise includes UX design for web, mobile and wpf apps, web development, graphic design, content management, marketing, and project management.

I'm continuously educating myself with the latest technology and design patterns to stay connected to prevalent user-centered design methodologies. With many years in an Agile environment, I understand the importance of good communication, product iteration and working in the confines of a two-week sprint schedule. I'm comfortable managing people, taking the design lead on a project, acting as a shared resource and effectively collaborating with cross-functional teams. 

Technologies: Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, Axure, Design Systems, Pen & Paper, Photoshop, Visual Studio, HTML, CSS, TFS, Azure, Wrike, CSPO, Scrum Master

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UXC# 1017043 - UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group